Bq Witbox, The 3D Printer Spanish Already Has Price and Release Date

In may, bq us sorpendia with Witbox. A 3D printer created in Spain and which was an important step in a company like bq, focused more on smartphones, tablets and e-books.

First, March Technology launched Witbox in May and now, in collaboration with the Madrid company, bq Witbox come at the end of the year at a price of less than 2,000 euros.

At first glance resembles the Makerbot model, but in the small details they are major differences: security front door, size A4 methacrylate base (the largest so far) and the ability to print objects with a maximum of 20 cm high.

Moment bq has not confirmed the final price but it will be around the 1990 euros, 100 hundred topdown and its launch is expected for early December in the usual channels of this brand.

Is clear that printers 3D still remaining long way to go to become a useful tool in enterprises, which seems to have more potential and in households, if they just finally be imposed.