Bq Embraces Culture Maker: Financial 3D Printer, a Plate and Software Development

At the end of the presentation of the new Aquaris E bq, the Spanish company had prepared one ad more. For them, and many of us, education is very important and taking into account that we are a company dedicated to technology they wanted to make its contribution by providing three new elements aimed for children but also for anyone who wants to get into the maker culture.

Bq says that they do not want to reinvent the wheel. They are going on the shoulders of giant, taking the work of others and adapting it to offer something new. Thus in less than a month to launch three products: an economic 3D printer, a plate Arduino style and a simple development of Scratch style software.

On the back of the DIY

As we said before, bq did not invent anything from scratch and the 3D printer that has presented to us is a modification of the Prusa i3. The Spanish company He has simplified some mechanisms and parts to make it more easy to manipulate. It has also made it more robust. All development is free and can be modified without any problem.

It is a simple printer that does not provide results as good as a professional model but is more than enough for home use. In the presentation we have seen some examples and the quality is pretty good. Another of the elements presented has been a programmable plate with which we will be able to create small robots.

Finally, we have a software to program on this board similar to that used Lego Mindstorm. Highly visual and intuitive without having great knowledge to be able to do simple experiments. So far bq has not specified prices but in less than a month to reach the market.

It is an interesting movement that a small company like bq, but with enough media in our country coverage, getting to this business model where at the moment no big company has decided to bet strong. We’ll see if they pull and above all if they manage to hook and still small universe maker continues to expand.