BotObjects Is an Arrival of The Future 3D Printer

So far, the 3D printers that you have taught at Engadget were able to print on one colos/material and basic objects. BotObjects is ready to bring to market a printer that should be the future of the segment soon.

The ProDesk3D It is a printer that, besides being very well designed, is able to print objects to color. Or rather, without limitations to a color pair that has the current printers.

To get it use a special cartridge of polylactic lactic five inks that is able to combine for get any color. These cartridges can be reuitilizar, but it remains to be seen the price of them, and not repeat the history of the price of the liquid ink.

The printer does not has for now price, Although the company promises that it will not be excessively expensive. Orders may be made starting from the month of June.