Beware of Approaching This Girl in Any Way: Her Dress Carries Sensors to Defend Themselves

When the coming week we are touring halls the huge CES in Las Vegas, in the area of secure Intel that draw the attention the baptised as Spider Dress, a printed dress in 3D which is the technological version of what colloquially is known as “the cobra”.

The Defense of personal space who carries it is the main task that has this project which, after a first version of a few years ago, it becomes still more advanced with the heart Intel Edison that has been included, as well as 3D printing has been used for parts that comprise it.

This Intel Edison allows the inclusion of a series of proximity sensors that combined with others to detect breathing who carries it, determines the personal space to defend when someone approaches. The theory says that if someone did it aggressively, a kind of spider legs/claws will be activated to protect who wears.

Also the programming of the system will stop approaching the girl if the movements are soft and slow, and aggressiveness is not detected. In that case, built-in lights and the movements of the legs of the suit you will alert that the suit has no a priori intention to defend themselves, according to the artist responsible for the project.