Autodesk Ember Is Your First 3D Printer, Because Not Everything Was Going to Be AutoCAD

They had announced it in the month of may, by then with information to eyedropper. Autodesk presents now its 3D, the Ember 3D Printer printer What part of your program ‘Spark’, its suite of services and devices dedicated to 3D printing.

Spark It’s what was known: a platform that will be open and available to all manufacturers and developers who wish to use it, and that it is intended to unify and standardize the world of 3D in one printing only. Ember 3D is the first product, your first printer within this business and that, obviously, follows the ideology of Spark.

Autodesk initially presents a model that can be described as beta: all those who wish to take part in the project, called Ember Explorer, they will have to register on the website of the brand so they give access to those who consider opportune. Both by the questions on the form of access price, given below, it looks like a focused platform more professionals in the sector.

By a price of $5.995 they will provide a kit with printer and some consumables, as well as technical support and invitations to special events that take place in the future, always making it clear that It is a prototype of the final technology which release date is not assured. If they claim that Ember Explorer program members will receive your product in early 2015, without giving a more specific data.

Autodesk, for 3D printing

A leading company in CAD applications, with significant presence in the market for decades thanks to that known AutoCAD. At last, Autodesk arrives to the world of 3D printing without being the pioneer, ensuring the stability of the market and trying to attract more professional in this industry sector.

Is obviously still very soon to qualify for success or failure of the Californian company initiative, for both hardware and software are in the process of development. The idea of unifying and standardizing formats is necessary both in this and in other fields; the key is whether we want to be the company that lead this evolution or if it is better to trust in that it is the community which do so, as it has been until now. Now Autodesk starts to lay its foundations, and we’ll see what such the move out them.