An Impresa by a 3D Printer 3D Printer? of Course

I had to pass. There were machines that make machines (or at least parts of other machines), but advances in 3D printing have made that it is now possible to a 3D printer print itself almost in full. A user of the community of Instructables called Dennis (aka dmserve on these forums) has created the call Long Bed Printer, a 3D printer exactly noted for manufacturing other printers 3D like it.

This user and a friend began last year to forged the idea of a 3D printer that is autoreplicara, and the first prototype created, which was called “Little Red”, was already working in December 2014. “After demonstrating that a printer made of plastic was practical, the next step was to add the reproducibility.” Well, that is what precisely have achieved with Long Bed Printer.

Self-replicating still has room for improvement

There are some elements that cannot be printed in 3D in plastic as the motors, chips or rods, but otherwise we have a solution that effectively allows to build the structure and other parts that once assembled will result the functional 3D printer.

The user has made some modifications in the print heads movement to improve the support and alignment of that impression after special, and has conducted all design with 3 mm strand. It recognizes that this second prototype not noted for design, and supports that it can be refined both design and manufacture enough even.

Printing of parts takes several hours, but step by step guide that he published in Instructables you can follow the entire process until the end. It has been estimated the cost of building this machine as similar to that of the RepRap printers, and to print all the parts are necessary about 4 rolls of filament: 2.5 for the main frame and 1.5 for the smaller parties. If you already have a 3D printer or access to one of these models, it may be an interesting project.