Adidas Takes 3D Party a Marine Debris and Creates Printed Sneakers with Them

Plastic finishing at the bottom of our seas and oceans can be vented in the future and become a recyclable material with which to feed our 3D printers. That is waht in Adidas, where had already managed to create a shoe from this type of marine debris.

Now things have gone further with the creation of a shoe printed in 3D from polyester recycled in fishing nets that you end up at the bottom of the oceans. The project has been performed in collaboration with Parley, an organization that fights pollution in the oceans, and the result is promising.

Adidas efforts in the field of 3D printing were already clear with the release of FutureCraft 3D technology. Other manufacturers follow that same path, but this in particular is making outstanding progress in that reuse of materials that it would recycle marine debris.

3D printers could therefore become valuable production systems running shoes that would use those discarded materials that we make with a brand-new new shoe with designs created by this manufacturer. For the time being It is not known if this project will become a commercial reality, but that seems to be the goal of Parley and Adidas.