“A System of Printing 3D Family Is Possible with Makness”: We Interviewed a Jesus Muniz, CEO of Makness

The advancement of 3D printing is unstoppable. Many companies release their products to market, and one of the latest proposals comes from the hand of Makness, a Spanish company that seeks to finance a printer for the whole family on Kickstarter.

Jesús Muñiz, CEO of Makness, has given us an interview in which talk about the 3D printer looking for finance and, above all, its applications in the home and is different from the rest.

Hello Jesus. Tell us who you are, what is Makness and how was born the idea of launching a 3D printer

Makness is an Asturian company He was born ago little more than a year and a half with a very ambitious goal: make that 3D printing would give the final leap to home and that anyone, either completely inexperienced or professional maker, to enjoy in your home of all the possibilities offered by this technology.

As team had already worked before with 3D printers for prototypes and thanks to that experience, we detected countless causes of why this technology was not ready for the home user despite all the possibilities offered. At that time we started to list possible solutions to all of these limitations and we finally started to create a company to design and manufacture our own home 3D printing system.

Audience is your printer and what you hope to achieve?

Our system of based on the MK-1 printer 3D printing is aimed at households, in such a way that any person regardless of age, sex or profession can print their own objects in his house, with benefits and high level finishes.

Family 3D printing system means to offer the user a complete solution

What is a family printer?

There is no “the family 3D printer”. We must talk about a “family 3D printing system”, which means to offer the user a complete solution, since the idea of manufacturing an object until the object is finalized in his hand, where the 3D printer is only the means to manufacture objects and not the objective.

Makness 3D printing system is to first offer the user a wide range of objects so that you can make (own and exclusive catalog) and then the middle to make it, interface and 3D printer, in a simple way.

Why do you use financing via Kickstarter to launch?

Makness has drawn on own resources to develop the product for over a year and a half, but make the leap to mass production requires a significant investment, both to industrialize and to publicize the product. Crowdfunding, as Kickstarter platforms, offer two things at the same time.

With all the amount of options that already exist in the market what distinguishes your printer from the rest

What sets us apart from the rest is our priority is that the user is printed with a 3D printer, rather than selling a 3D printer and that then the user doesn’t know what to do with it. To do this we offer a wide range of printing 3D objects which are designed thinking about its mass. All of our 3D models possess a concrete mass and that allows us to use capsules of impression material of a single use, just like a coffee capsules! Thus it is not necessary to use the traditional format of 1 Kg of strand and having to print 100 or 200 prints with the same material and color.

Makness offers a full set of 3D printing as easy to use as a coffee capsules.

To print simply must choose the desired object in the web, send it via WiFi to printer with a single click, take a capsule of material and desired color, enter it in the 3D printer and press a button to start. The printer is configured and generated by single machine code necessary to print the object, so it the impression will be perfect and totally transparent for the user.

Makness is to first offer the user a wide range of objects so that you can make (own and exclusive catalog) and then the means to manufacture it (interface and 3D printer)

One of the tests that I like to do with a 3D printer is to see how long it takes since you remove it from the box until the printer starts to print a model. How is it in your case? What to set up or mounted so that it is ready to print?

Our printer is sold fully assembled and ready for use. To get started to print only it is necessary to register your printer in your personal area of our website, enter the credentials of your WiFi network to allow to connect to the internet and you’re ready! The printer is configured on its own without installing any software.

Tell us more about the technical details? Resolution, maximum print volume, …

  • Dimensions: 370 X 370 X 440 mm
  • Print volume: 20 x 20 x 20 mm
  • Printing speed: 100 mm/s
  • Precision: 0.06 mm
  • Double print head
  • Inclusion of automatic filament system
Heated base to maximize adhesion
  • WiFi connectivity
  • 8GB of memory
Door with magnetic closure
  • System post-cooled piece after printing
  • Double layer fan
  • Large format LCD display
  • Supply voltage: 220-110V 50-60 Hz

One of the tasks giving more headache for is the level of the printing surface or the distance of the extruder with auto-nivelado base do you have? Double extruder?….

The printer is delivered completely levelled and calibrated. Thanks to our system cooled the hot base after the print post, printed parts can des – adhere very easily and therefore is not misaligned the stress off objects, as is the case with other printers. As a result, it is not necessary to level the base after each print.

It has at the same time of dual head extruder and auto-insercion of filament system, what allows to print two-color objects (using two capsules at the same time). To facilitate the inclusion of material and avoid traffic jams, the printer has a patented auto-insercion strand, so it is only necessary to pose the capsule in the capsule holder and the printer does all the work.

Does software use the printer? Can you use third-party software? Has any control panel or everything is done from computer / tablet / mobile,…?

Printer has optimized proprietary software to enable all the unique features of our system, and making it compatible with all home (computers, tablet and smartphone) devices. However, It is possible to load software from third parties (under your responsibility, thus losing the warranty).

There’s a physical control with large-format LCD Panel to care for the needs of the more experienced users, but for its usual use only it is necessary to press a button to print.

What with my own models, can integrate them Makness in their catalog?

It is possible, and in addition you can make money with it. If the customer wants to print a self-designed, simply it is send the model through the web. If design can also be of interest to other users, Makness offers the designer the possibility to become a freelancer and charge a royalty for every download of that model.

What technique you empleáis at the base for fastening the plate? Need some type of lacquer or perforated plates or…?

The printer features of heated base, with what gets a perfect adherence and also prevents deformation in parts by thermal expansion/contraction during printing. It is not necessary to use lacquers, adhesives, perforated tapes…

Home safety is important, especially for a 3D printer for family use. With security mechanisms does the printer? Do you have filters to prevent vapors or odors?

The Makness MK-1 is designed for the home. As a result, it is tclosed otalmente to reduce noise and maximize security. Its door has magnetic clasp and is completely smooth, lacking handles to prevent children to open it easily, and being necessary to exert pressure on the upper part (inaccessible for children) to open.

Makness does not offer plastic filaments with strong or toxic odors like ABS, so they are not necessary filters of vapors.

What media can be used? They are the owners or filaments of third parties can be used?

No, Makness does not cover the use of filament in traditional format format of 1Kg. The great advantage of the MK-1 in the face of the user are material of single-use capsules. In this way you can make each impression in a material or different colour, being very easy to store the capsules in house and keep strand in perfect condition to your printing, since capsules are packaged to vacuum.

Is it easy to repair, remove, keep? Is there some kind of warranty?

The MK-1 has two years of warranty, and to perform only the maintenance it is necessary to clean twin-screw heads on a periodic basis as is the case with the rest of 3D printers on the market. So it can be removed very easily the porta-extrusores with a screwdriver. However, we also offer the possibility to send us your head and make you the maintenance for you.

What options are there funding? Different models, delivery times,…?

Our campaign of crowdfunding offers options for all, whether from buy 3D models printed by us for a few euros (sunglasses, models…) or the MK-1 3D printer with a 20% discount in the color you want the buyer, thus allowing it integrates perfectly with the style of any home.

Since the benefits of the campaign will include the approval and industrialization of the printer, the first units will be delivered after the summer.

When do you think to be ready with the first units?

They are already ready! He is currently completing manufacture the first pre-series, whose purpose is to deliver it to our network of makers/testers to make testing and validation in the coming months, thus ensuring the highest possible quality when delivered the first units of the productive series to end customers.

Thank you Jesus for giving us the interview and we wish you good luck with the MK-1 and Makness.