A Printed Heart 3D Helps to Save The Life of a Baby in Two Weeks

A group of surgeons in a New York hospital have highlighted the relevance that had the ability to print a 3D heart for Save the life of a little baby of two weeks I needed to undergo a complicated surgical operation.

This group of doctors printed a 3D heart from the data obtained in a magnetic resonance image of the baby’s heart. This organ was severely damaged and that reproduction of organ 3D enabled doctors study it and develop a detailed strategy before operating.

“The heart of the child had holes, which are not unusual in children with congenital heart disease, but the Chambers of the heart also had a strange formation, almost like in a labyrinth,” commented Dr. Emile Bacha, one of the responsible of the treatment. “In the past we would have had to stop the heart and look inside to find out what to do. With this technique We had a road map guiding us. We were able to repair the heart of baby with a single intervention,”continued this surgeon.

This implies a remarkable progress for congenital heart diseases, and it is back to show the ability that has 3D printing be an important element in all kinds of treatments and medical procedures. In fact, we have already seen in the past how those 3D printed organs help surgeons to plan operations, but also as those bodies – has estimated that this year would a liver of this type – can be substitutes for the real operations of organ transplants.