A Disc Created with a 3D Printer to Make Them Invisible to All

If I had to choose a path of long-term research that looks like science fiction, I was personally with systems of optical camouflage. Many researchers are working on this line, and although there is still a long way to go, there are already examples of how it could carry out.

One of the most recent comes from Duke University, where a team of researchers has succeeded in creating a disc with 3D printer of by means that blocks microwave waves and hide what lies inside the disk.

The thickness of this album coincides approximately with the thickness of a wave length and works in conjunction with the air and the use of a series of dieletricos materials you do that when apply you microwave waves the object that is inside the disk is not.

Its creators believe that in the future this same design could be used to create more fine and also larger disks. His ambition: they were able to make objects invisible to light. This research also opens the door to the creation of artificial materials with electromagnetic property rare.

There is still much and will not see within little optical camouflage systems that are viable. Anyway, these small advances is very interesting, not only for itself but also for the methodology and construction, so as in the case of this disk, objects to achieve this.