A 3D Printer Wins a Competition to Rebuild The Coast of New York

After razing Sandy part of the coast of New York, the authorities got to work to rebuild what was destroyed in the best way. And they thought a contest called Change the Course.

Because there is already a winner, has announced New York City Econcomic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). And the protagonist of the winning project is neither more nor less than a printer, specifically the impressive D-Shape, able to manufacture a building through printing.

Piers and docks would be rebuilt with the help of the precision and ease of Assembly of the printing these elements directly. In addition, at the end the cost would be lower and simpler quality control.

Everything would begin with a scan of the area, a virtual resconstruccion of original elements and from there to the 3D printer, that would be taking all of the necessary elements for such direct reconstruction of the destroyed with cement and sand. Impressive.