A 3D Made with LEGO Printer That Prints LEGO Pieces. Skynet Ever Closer.

Maybe I’ve exceeded with the nod to the Terminator of the title, but the truth is that it is curious that we have built from Lego blocks 3D printer and be able to print LEGO pieces at the same time. Well, LEGO parts and anything else you want to print, of course.

Best of all is that we have detailed instructions on the printer because its creator, [Gosse Adema], has made them available at Instructables. So if you want to get to print LEGO pieces as a madman you’ll have to go through your nearest LEGO store or order parts online, either or print them yourself with another printer.

The design of the printer is based on the popular Prusa, being originally a plotter A4 that has been converted to a 3D printer taking advantage of some parts of a HP printer, thanks to some NEMA 17 stepper motors. NEMA 17 stepper motors have the same scheme of assembling the pieces of LEGO and it fits them perfectly.

The printer controller is a firmware Marlin which runs on an Atmega 2560, and printing software is Pronterface, while the used extruder is a Geeeteck MK8 extruder. LEGO and 3D printing are two of my favorite topics, and combined result this printer.