3D, with LG WebOS Printers and Mobile Operators Money

We are back to share with you the most interesting links we’ve found out our publications, to complement the already published these days in Engadget and other blogs.

  • In Yorokobu published a really interesting post about the future of 3D printers and their use in households
  • Ángel Jiménez speaks at the world about adverts the MWC have gone more unnoticed, as for example the YotaPhone, the telephone of two-faced
  • Horace Dediu, Asymco, published an article about the purchase of “webOS”: http://www.xataka.com/tag/webos by LG and the future of intelligent television
  • And finally, Miguel Angel Uriondo spoke to us about the results of the mobile operators around the world: $ 1.16 trillion