3D Printing Will Be a Great Ally for The Students of Medicine

When the technology is on the market is of vital importance to search you use. The 3D printing It has a strong base for the future and many applications already present (remember those implantable cartilages), but others to discover. Researchers from the Universidad de Monash, in Australia, have put hands to work and they are using 3D printers to create artificial parts of the body for study in medical schools.

They have created what they call 3D Printed Anatomy Series, a kit with human parts made from 3D printers that it is aimed at students of the human body. Instead of using members real, as it is becoming customary for centuries, people in Monash University has thought generate three-dimensional models and insert them in your printers to have a set of parts with identical appearance both inside and out, and also have an important characteristic: they do not deteriorate with the passage of time and do not need specific conditions of temperature to maintain their State.

Different kits are in the final stages of development and pose put them on sale at the end of year, guiding them to the study of the human body in different university levels. For processing scanned have different parts of the human body which, through to your computer, can be changed to, for example, print them by using layers and thus facilitate their study, or use different colors to denote any specific feature of its operation.

This solution would pay for some of the problems with which the faculties of medicine around the world have to fight. Look no further than a few months ago hundreds of stacked corpses were found and in disrepair in the Faculty of Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid, generating serious problems not only of space if not also of health. If you are considering studying medicine in the future, not descartes that the corpses you dissections are actually artificial bodies created using 3D printing..