3D Printing Revolutionizes The Animated Film in Stop-Motion

Trillian, Tron, Samus and Lapidus. These are the names of the last four honored currantes in joining the team of Laika. The only peculiarity is that Trillian and company are not people, but 3D printers, and Laika isn’t one office either, but the responsible for the fascinating Movie Studio ‘ the worlds of Coraline & #8217;.

Fast and accurate printing of plastic parts has completely revolutionized the way make animated film and opens up a promising future for the filming techniques are not fully digital, but based on ‘ dolls ’ physicists whose movements will be recorded using the technique known as Stop-Motion.

Four printers have worked hard on the set of ‘ Paranorman ’ last film from Laika whose premiere is scheduled for the August 17. The film has a total of 27 main characters and for them have been printed a total of 31,000 different faces, a figure nothing strange if we consider that each protagonist of ‘ Paranorman ’ uses 250 subtly different facial expressions per second.

The entire film has been made by stop-motion and thousands of printed pieces, painted and mounted on the models through small coupling systems.

Clearly, the speed and precision that work with 3D printers is far superior to any traditional artisan method and Laika and see it as a small revolution among students who want to do animation that is not fully digital cinema.

Cheap filming

The 3D printers they are not the only technological protagonists of the film. Paranorman has filmed with a camera Canon EOS 5 d Mark II. The 3D effect is achieved by adding a homemade device that moves the camera a few millimeters each frame and takes a second image.

Later in post production, the frames are attached and removed seams and visible parts of the models using digital makeup. Hard work and fair and necessary means are sufficient for a film that promises to be great if it is only half of that kind ‘ the worlds of Coraline ’. We leave you with the trailer.