3D Printing Is No Longer as Protagonist in The CES, But That Just Shows That She Is More Mature

Two years ago, Bre Pettis, the CEO of MakerBot, was the repsonsable offer the opening talk of the CES in Las Vegas. 3D printing was more than most, the trend that seemed destined to revolutionize the world. Things have changed significantly and after that initial expectation 3D printers they have had a less prominent role in the 2016 CES.

That does not mean that they have disappeared from the map, of course, but not have heard them both in the two previous editions of this fair electronics consumption. Innovations seem to make clear that 3D printing He has done no more than mature, and the launches of the CES show.

3D printers for all tastes

In CNET for example showed much of the developments in this field in Gallery format. 3D printers presented covered the entire range of needs: from a Formlabs Form 2 3,500 dollars to an ambitious Old World Labs MC2 that it can cost $250,000 and that is distinguished by its resolution of 100 nm.

This printer Polaroid has not been manufactured by Polaroid, but long ago that this brand has licensed for all types of products.

The maturity of the market is also noticed in other 3D printers type: those manufactured in China by lesser-known companies and who want to become the Xiaomi or Huawei of this market. In fact we had one that played with the name of the mobile phone giant: the Hueway 3D-509 It was one of the representative of this new trend that will compete with especially economic models as the New Mod-T Matter can you give us access to this segment for only $399.

That deployment also saw printers using newest technologies as the Phoenix Touch 1080PDLP offering a precision 50 microns and that makes use of digital 1080 p projectors for lowering the cost as they did projects like Chimera. Or devices such as XYZprinting Food 3D that prints edible objects and surprises as the Picarv of Farmer’s Farm, a Korean company whose printer creates prints 3D from 2D pictures. Not to mention proposals that can be fooled by the name, as the Polaroid ModelSmart 250S 3D, a printer fabircada by the EBP company that really just Polaroid has the name.