3D Printing Achieves a New Milestone: The First Operational Office Opens in Dubai

Only took three weeks, exactly 17 days to create from zero the first printed offices in 3D fully functional, and we say that they are the first because we have seen prototypes created based on 3D printing, but that in the end they were that, in prototypes and today no one lives or works there, not so far.

This achievement took place in Dubai, the city where everything is possible, where they finally inaugurated a project that were announced last year, to which they are referred to as the “first building”, but come on, only has a plant, so it is more Office space created with 3D printing.

823 meters pictures in 3D printing

The initial project was aimed at an area of 600 square meters, but finally they were 823 metres, all created with a incredible 3D of 36.5 meters high and 12 meters wide printer, which is capable of creating up to a two-story structures, but that on this occasion, and it is the first project of this kind, only remained in a plant, where modules for offices were created in a record time of just 17 days.

The entire structure was created with a material created based on concrete special shielded (SRC), reinforced plastic (FRP) and glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GRG), in addition to the interiors, finishes and some furniture and objects were also made with a 3D printer.

During the construction you need only one person that it was overseeing that work be done correctly, that he was the person responsible for the 3D models and software programming. Subsequently joined the 18 workers among electricians, installers and engineers, who gave the finishing touches.

Most impressive of all, in addition to the three weeks of construction, is that the total budget of the work was of only $140,000, including materials and labor, an achievement that tells us that 3D printing could be the future of construction, progress which offers are really impressive that today we have in this field.

Of course these offices had to represent something important for the city, which will be the temporary seat of the ‘future of Dubai Foundation’, which is responsible for the construction of the Museum of the future, which once completed, these offices will become the headquarters official of this important project, which by the way also be printed in 3D. These efforts are intended to promote this technology, so that by 2030 unless 25% of new construction in Dubai are manufactured by means of 3D printing.