3D Printers Want to Make The F1 McLaren Better Than Ever

The team of Formula 1 McLaren It has announced a singular change in his equipment for the next Grand Prix of Bahrain: will take with them a 3D printer allowing that they can print parts of the car quickly and easily when it comes to reducing the weight of the car and make it even better.

The decision comes after the agreement which has been reached McLaren and Stratasys, and it represents a unique application of 3D printing technology in a segment so competitive and specialized as the Formula 1. We’ll see if that helps the team win jobs or careers.

Perfect for rapid prototyping of parts

The McLaren MCL32 makers will take advantage of printing 3D in different parts of the car as for example the rear spoilers. The advantages are not only noticed on the track, but at the level of production: manufacture of those times are reduced to days or hours instead of weeks, something that allows to check improvements to implement them more quickly.

This is the 3D printer from Stratasys used for example for the prototyping of rear spoilers for the McLaren MCL32.

Neil Oatley, responsible for the development and design of the McLaren, explained that “the capacity of” try new designs quickly is critical to make the car lighter, and above all to increase the number of iterations tangible in improving the performance of the car”.

The printer 3D responsible for these tasks will be the Stratasys uPrint is Plus, which in reality will be part of a complex equipment of the team, featuring FDM (Fused Deposition modeling) and PolyJet systems for the prototyping of new cars and parts. All help is little fight against Ferrari and Mercedes this year.