3D Printers Are Moving Forward in The Field of Medicine, Now with Implantable Cartilages

3D printers are still taking steps forward in a direction where you want to have an important role: medicine. Time ago we saw how they could create blood capillaries or parts for prosthesis. It is still a long way to go but advances appear to take into account.

Cartilage star in the latter. For some time there is regenerative treatments for grow back but now a team from the University of North Carolina has developed a system of 3D printing This type of fabric.

As it has happened in other cases, to make possible this project has had to modify the 3D printing technology to introduce new elements. In this case, electrospinning has been used. A technique that allows you to draw fibres using electrical currents.

These fibers, creates a porous structure that serves as base for the cartilage cells conform and grow. Then there are different layers of these cells using the printing to get system a structure of 10cm diagonal and 4mm thick.

When you get the entire piece, it is implanted in the patient. Currently in testing, integration has been positive, and no problems have been found. It is soon, that Yes, that its expansion as a process reaches but the results and methodology are already a reality.