“You Can Customize The Fruit”: Prints and Create New Fruit 3D Fruit Printer

The revolution in 3D printing is starting to materialize with interesting projects and applications such as printing food (Foodini) or, for example, makeup.

Today we want to talk to you printer presented last Saturday in TechFoodHack by the English company Dovetailed, 3D Fruit Printer, It promises to create fruit edible in 3D using juice.

The culinary concept used by the British company Dovetailed it is the spherification. The juice is mixed with sodium alginate and plunges into a cold bath of calcium chloride getting spheres with the desired inside fruit juice.

This technique of spherification was it patented in 1946 and are several reputed chefs who use it in their dishes, like for example Ferran Adriá.

You can’t get print an Apple as such, but yes small spheres “by way of caviar” with inside Apple juice.

In the words of Gabriel Villa, head of Dovetailed inventor:

“With our new printing technique, not only you can recreate existing fruit, but also to invent your own creation. The taste, texture, size and shape of the fruit can be customized”.

As you can see in the photos, that spherical encouraged to create pieces such as Blackberries o grenades, though also small wedges could get easily for fruits as Orange or Mandarin, in a simple way.