XYZprinting Will Bring Your 3D Printers to Spain Mid of Year

It says XYZPrinting, in a meeting with a small group of journalists at their offices in Taiwan, who want to be the main competitor of Makerbot, today mark the most recognized in the world of 3D printing. That they succeed is to see begin their career in the industry by launching three models of DaVinci, the commercial name of your printer.

As we are told, aims to position itself in the market as an economic and easy to use model. Your first step in Europe will do so in a few weeks with the DaVinci 1.0, a printer capable of 20 x 20 x 20 cm capable of printing with a thread of colour with a starting price of $499, still has not confirmed the conversion to the euro, this is only the beginning.

Same performance but low-cost

Later, in the third and final quarter of the year, they will respectively, launched two new versions. the DaVinci 2.0 and the 2.1. The difference front to the first model that will be released are in being able to print two-wire but with a smaller capacity (15 x 20 x 20 cm). The last one that reach the market will do with built-in Wi-Fi connection to send objects from mobile devices.

The price of the 2.0 comes to 649 dollars and the 2.1 climbs to the 849. Coils cost 28 dollars and media, it depends on the size, it takes 2.5 hours to print a figure. A figure somewhat higher if we take into account that it is destined to the consumer as well as education and architecture market. A new generation of faster will come later.

Surprising the fact that within six months will be put on the market three different models. It is true that they are complementary, although pay 200 dollars of difference have WiFi connection seems excessive, but in XYZprinting they are clear that they want to go for a market which, according to the analysts will grow a lot. Your expectations for the 2014 is distribute 100,000 units.

We have seen them operating in Taiwan and while it is true that they comply with its mission, it does not imply a significant step forward in terms of technology of wire that is being used to print. Still you notice wires and construction details are inside to avoid cracking it.

We will see what such work here, for now we know that it will be on sale in online stores and have not announced any agreement with local physical chains. We will see if they respect the change in currency and if really it is sufficiently competitive in price for position in a market where the user still fails to see useful use.