Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI in the Detailed Test

Xerox wants the Phaser 6022V / NI color LED printer in the world of mobile printing. This is only partially, as the test shows.

With the color laser printer Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI, the company wants the mobileprinting from smartphones and tablet push. The device offers WLAN as well as Wi-Fi Direct as wireless connections. The easiest way to attach the printer to the WLAN network is via the WPS button on the housing. If the router is not WPS-enabled, you need a temporary USB connection between the printer and the computer to take the phaser to the wireless world. In the test, these two variants work without problems.

Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI

Conclusion – color laser for the home workplace

With the Phaser 6022V / NI, Xerox is able to accommodate a relatively compact LED color printer, which can be placed on the desk because it is not too loud. For too much throughput, the device is not designed, as it is too expensive to maintain. What he produces has hand and foot – beautiful colors and good text sharpness. The advancement in mobile printing is ambiguous: the printer can be handled well by WLAN in the network. When controlling via tablet and smartphone rely on better standard as Apple AirPrint, because the in-house app is currently built still too complicated.

WiFi Direct and App

 XEROX Phaser 6022NI LED color printer A4 up to 18 ppm. In Color / 18 Pages / Min 1200 x View at Amazon

It is more complicated with WiFi Direct: The direct connection without a router works only if it is activated in the printer menu. It is protected by a password, which must also be found in the printer’s operating menu. After that we can print from selected applications such as the Acrobat Reader, since the Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI about Direct PDF dominated. This process is relatively secure, but requires admin access to the printer, which is not always guaranteed in a company. For simple, quick mobile printing process is too cumbersome.

With the in-house app Xerox Printback, it becomes even trickier: the small application can be loaded onto the smartphone or tablet, but is not intended for direct printing.Because here the path is always through the cloud and cloud storage like Dropbox . In addition, the host computer must be active for cloud printing to work. The bottom line is similar to Google Cloud Print, which supports the Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI as well as Apple Airprint. The advantage of the in-house solution is therefore not quite understood.

Features – many interfaces, but no auto duplex

In addition to wireless variants provides the color laser printer also USB and Ethernet as terminals. This allows the Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI to be controlled flexibly. At the same time, the device can print on both sides only manually – no longer up-to-date for a workplace printer. There is a maximum of 150 sheets in the paper tray – not too lush. As a printer language, the Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI relies on PCL 6, but also has fonts with which to emulate Postscript 3 (PS 3). The display on the device is limited to a font display, but the test is not negative.

Speed – a very quick worker

The Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI works without any grumbling. Flott goes to the test when printing 20 A4-Textseiten, which are done after 1:16 minutes are. The 12-color PDF document with tables, fonts and images is already in the output tray after 1:09 minutes.For our full-color three-page PDF document in high resolution, however, the printer needs a longer time with 1:20 minutes. Overall, however, the printing pressure is fine.This is also the pressure from the energy saving mode: our text page is finished after 34 seconds – this is a good, medium value.

Print quality – fine letters, good colors

The printer results from the Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI are good: The black cover is not too strong, but can be read at the same time, since there is little toner fog around the edges.This is shown by our high-resolution recording of a 4-point small text part. Pictures and mixed documents in grayscales are nuances rich, although with surfaces easily spotted. If we switch to color, we get harmonious, sometimes even bright color prints, which have a very good color accuracy for a workplace printer.

Consumption – expensive in the side costs

The Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI Starter toner comes with a range of 500 pages per color.This is just as luxurious as the additional toner with fillings for 1000 pages per color and 2000 pages for black. This brings us to high follow-up costs: 3.7 cents for the black and 17.3 cents for the colored sheet. After all, further wear parts are to be permanently installed and thus excluded from an exchange.

The printer behaves unobtrusively with LED technology in electricity consumption. It first switches to 10.4 watts in standby before it goes to 3.0 watts in energy saving mode. It does not matter whether WLAN is activated or deactivated. If we press the switch, the device is completely disconnected from the power supply – this is praiseworthy. Volume – no need to worry about the Xerox printer The Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI can stand on the desk because it does not cause excessive noise. In operation, we measure 9.5 Sones, which drop to 0.9 Sone in standby mode. If the printer switches to the energy saving mode, we can hardly hear it at 0.1 sone.


Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI

test score

Good (2)

Price-performance ratio


Quality (30%)


Speed ​​(30%)


Consumption (15%)


Handling (10%)


Features (10%)


Service (5%)



-0.15 (Apple Airprint, Google Cloud Print, Wi-Fi Direct)



Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI (Rating: 2,53)


USB, 10/100 MBit / s Ethernet, 802.11n WLAN


Screen (text only)

Printer emulation: GDI / PCL 6 / PS 3

No / yes / yes (in the printer)

Memory: available / maximum upgradeable

256/256 MB

Auto duplex printing



2 support programs

Drivers for

XP, Vista, 7, 8, Linux, Mac OS



Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI (Rating: 3.64)

Print (b / w): 1 page text / 20 pages text / 12 pages PDF

12/76/61 seconds

Print (color): 12 pages PDF / 1 page graphic / A4-photo (quality mode)

69/16/60 seconds

1 page Print text from Energiesparmodus

34 seconds


Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI (Rating: 4,06)

Side cost black / color

3.7 / 17.3 cents

Starter toner cartridges are enough for


500 pages


500 pages

Price / Range of the Tonerkartuschen in the Nachkauf


73 euros / 2000 pages


173 euros / 1000 pages

Power consumption: off / energy saving mode / operation

0.0 / 3.0 / 340

Energy saving according to

Energy Star





Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI

Test category

color laser printers

Color laser printer manufacturer


Internet address of Xerox

our site

Price (suggested retail price)

237 euros

Xerox’s technical hotline


Manufacturer’s warranty

12 months


Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI

Printing technology / number of toner cartridges

LED / 4

driver version



USB, 10/100 MBit / s Ethernet, 802.11n WLAN


Screen (text only)

Printer emulation: GDI / PCL 6 / PS 3

No / yes / yes

Memory: available / maximum upgradeable

256/256 MB

Auto duplex printing



2 support programs

Drivers for

XP, Vista, 7, Linux, Mac OS



Xerox Phaser 6022V / NI


Print (b / w): Text (Normal mode) / Text (Quality mode) / A4 photo / Graphics quality mode

Good / good / satisfactory / goodgut

Print (color): PDF (quality mode) / A4 photo (quality mode) / graphics (quality mode)

well well well

Color fidelity (maximum 15 hits)

12 results found

letter sharpness



Print settings


Operation Printer: Control panel / interchangeable toner cartridges / space requirement / processing / paper transport / max. Paper stock / paper tray

Simple / very simple / 3703 cm² / good / simple / 150 sheets (cassette) / 100 sheets

Operating noise: Idle / operation

0.9 / 10 Sone

Printable media: banners / labels / envelopes / paper / cardboard / film / photopaper

No / yes / yes / up to 163 g / m² / yes / no / no

Borderless printing



very easy

Manual: detailed / German / printed / as PDF

Yes / yes / no / yes



12 months

Service hotline / German / Weekend service / Accessibility / through / accessible by e-mail

01800/1324240 / yes / no / 9 hours / yes / yes

Website / english / Manual available / Drivers available / Hilfsprogramme available