Would You like to Customize Your Steam Controller? Valve Tea Makes It Easy

Valve makers have long marketed their singular Steam Controller, but now have an interesting step to boost sales: they have offered facilities to customize it and think casings and modifications that conform to your wishes.

Valve have published all the information relating to the geometry of the command in CAD format and in it we can find everything you need to do things like print us 3D shells and change designs with all kinds of tools.

Offering in Valve is available with Creative Commons license, that means that we can customize the look and design you like us and share this design. We will need permission from Valve, that Yes, if want to make money with these designs.

This interesting novelty is therefore attached to the customizability who had the command in its own operation: you know that you it’s a device whose buttons you can customize even the smallest detail, what joined these unique controls makes it a product that could have long travel Thanks to all the freedom that the guys at Valve are offering users.