Would You like a Work of Art from The British Museum? Print Your Own Replica in 3D

Covers for mobiles, cars… and even burgers!. Currently there are many models that can be available to the public for printing using a 3D. As well: now there are still more thanks to the new initiative that has launched the British Museum London.

In particular, this institution has just put at the disposal of the public 14 downloadable models some of his most popular works. It is the statue of Rams├ęs II, the bust of Zeus, the portrait of Caesar and even a sarcophagus of granite, among others. From here you can see the complete list, all of them published under Creative Commons license.

If still get wanting more, in Sketchfab, the platform that housed these files as a gallery or insert into other websites, now allows the possibility of offer these templates to download. Microsoft, for example, already has his own gallery and HTC offers its own official case for the HTC One M8. And if the artworks are your thing, remember that the Metropolitan of New York makes years which also offers several of his works for printing.