With Food Created by This 3D Printer Ever Tea Drowned

One of the many applications that want to exploit the world’s 3D printers is feed. Create a kind of sophisticated food processor that will allow us to cook meals more easily. There are several examples, and some of them with national label as Foodini, of which I spoke in depth weather.

It remains to be seen if in the future will be a hole in our kitchen but proposals are not missing, of that there is no doubt. The latest comes from Germany and although his food at first glance does not seem the most appealing can be very useful for people with problems in swallowing, either young or elderly.

Easy-to-digest food

I am not a culinary expert, they are direct partners to the palate, but I recognize that viscous textures are not best me entering eyes. See that some foods are soft does not inspire me much confidence to try them and it is This type of feelings that we will find in dishes made with this printer.

Why? Because this German company’s goal is to create a tool that will allow us to create food that dump in his mouth and no problems swallowing. In this way we avoid asphyxiation in people with problems as dysphagia or simply that they are enough to have difficulties.

The name of the company is SeneoPro, co-ordinated in turn by Biozoon, and the name of the project, Smoothfood, makes us clear what is what you do: gentle meal. You can take a look at the photos that exist in the article so you can see how are the final dishes.

At the moment you are using in seniors centres where nurses can use six ingredients for layer after layer different ingredients. Not used gelatin, although texture may seem otherwise since also make dishes that form make it difficult that they can properly cooking at high temperatures.

Its creators say that food tastes normal, somewhat understandable if we consider that working with fresh ingredients and the only thing that changes is the texture. We will see what impact has but at the moment, given the objective and the niche market they go, it seems to be more like a solution for certain care centers.