What Makes Your Printer Cartridge Burn?

What Makes Your Printer Cartridge Burn

Although many people do not know, a printer’s cartridge may burn, making it unusable. This happens because the cartridges have a circuit, and when they are low on ink and there is an insistence on making the print, the overload affects the circuits by burning them. Another reason that can cause the cartridge to burn is the power failure due to the thermal shock of the printer’s sudden temperature change.

But, what can we do to prevent this from happening? Read the tips below and extend the life of your cartridge:

1-Never leave the cartridge out of ink

The number one cause of cartridge burning is the lack of ink. It works like this: the cartridge has a strip with an electric circuit, which is responsible for the communication between it and the printer. It turns out that this strip is heated at the time of printing, and the ink is responsible for cooling it. In this way, the continuous use of this mechanism with the empty cartridge means the non-cooling of the cartridge.

In the case of color printers, if black cartridge is out or is low on ink, but the color is still full, the problem can also happen. This is because both are connected on the same plate, and only the color will be cooled by the ink, while the black will not. The cartridge may then be burnt.

2-Install a nobreak on your printer

As we have already mentioned, another very common cause of burning cartridges is the oscillation of the energy supplied. Peaks of light are very harmful to various electronics, but even more harmful to the cartridges, as they can cause a thermal shock in the circuit, damaging it.

So the tip is for you to install a no-break in the printer, so in a power outage situation it will stay on until you turn it off manually. The investment is worth it!

3-Keep the cartridge dry

It may seem unusual, but another cause for cartridge burning may be moisture. As? Well, when you get the cartridge refilled, it may have gotten wet. Then, when the printer is turned on, the circuit may burn, as the printer tests the cartridges by sending an electrical stimulus so that they release some ink and, if they are still wet, they may burn.

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4-Make conscious use of the”economic way”

It is not recommended that you print only in”draft mode” or draft mode, as this will cause the printhead to cool with ink. To save money, read our e-book on the subject and know other tips to make your cartridge last longer.

5-Respect cartridge life

Last but not least is the life of the cartridges. With the right care, they can last a long time, but not forever. Generally, some cartridges may burn after five refills. Notice if this is the case of yours. If it is, invest in a new one!

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