What is DPI? Understand its importance

What is DPI Understand its importance

To make a quality impression, the care begins well before choosing the printer and choosing the paper. An image to be printed needs to have a high number of DPI, but what does that actually mean?

The acronym DPI originates from the English term Dots per inch, which in free translation means dots per inch. DPI, or PPP, represents the number of dots that are found in an inch of that image, and it is very common to speak in resolution when we speak of DPI. The higher the number of dots per inch, the higher the image resolution. The more points, the more detailed and well defined the image is. In this way, images that are few dots per inch when printed may have poor sharpness and poor quality and are not recommended for graphic works.

Printers, even those in the home, have the function of adjusting the image density, having more or less DPI. Images that will be used as previews or drafts as well as internal company documents can be printed with a lower quality for faster and more economical printing. Already printed graphic products for use outside the company; sent or viewed by customers, need to present a superior quality, focusing on the definition of the image.

Because you stick to the minutiae, an impression of images with more dots per inch can become more time consuming, using more toner or ink at the time of printing, and having a higher quality.

In the case of photographs, the camera used will directly impact the final print result. Semi-professional cameras and even some contained in smartphones, produce an image with more dots per inch, greater sharpness, more vivid colors and greater definition.

It is possible, through image editing software, to edit the number of dots per inch for a higher quality impression. Images that are low in density should not be printed in a larger size than they have, for example, because it will result in a distorted and even blurred image. Always pay attention to the quality of the images displayed on video monitors, because they are measured in PPI(pixels per inch) and the printed output is very similar to the monitor.

After paying attention to the resolution of the image you must choose a company that works with the best equipment on the market and has a qualified workforce to perform this work of outsoucing printing.


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