What is a Printer?

A printer, write or type device is a device that can be connected to a computer with a view to print a document, search result, or else the details of which are defined by the user >>..

What is a Printer

There are different types of printers. In the past we used the so-called matrix printers, which worked by needle hit a Ribbon which then again hit the paper, one would print on. Later laser printers that works by burning the toner on the paper. In addition, com ink-jetprintere, which injects tiny blobs of ink down on paper.

On larger computer installations has been especially previously used chain printers and drum printers. On a chain printer sitting types on a tape, which moves around behind the paper. When the desired character is located next to the calculated type position, hitting a small hammer through a similarly moving Ribbon against the paper and ribbon type (chain) and the sign aftrykkes. There were also chain printers with types sitting on small arms on a chain in front of the Ribbon. Drum printer types sitting around on a drum, all characters are repeated along the drum. Here, too, hitting small hammers on corrected time against the paper through a Ribbon. The two printer types was characteristic of not being able to place the characters exactly

The quality depends a lot of the manufacturer of the printer, type and quality of the source (image or text) as well as interaction with other hardware. Matrix-printers, however, is not so prevalent today pga. slow printing and low quality compared to other types of printers. But on the other hand, however, the still, where it is used, for example. need to print on the impact of the paper.