Understand the Mps-Managed Print Services

Understand the Mps-Managed Print Services

The MPS,Managed Print Services,is nothing more than the management of the printing service.It is an extended outsourcing,in which there is the outsourcing of all processes related to printing,processing, scanning,finishing, document distribution and especially with control through specialized software. Today, with the advanced technology we can have this control even remotely, including the correct disposal of the products used.

Check out some of the key advantages of MPS for a company:

  • Productive increase in the central business of the company or public agency;
  • Control, management and cost reduction;
  • Correct equipment meeting the needs of each sector;
  • Decrease in assets;
  • Decrease in Total Cost Ownership (TCO) – total cost of ownership;
  • Elimination of the hiring of Technical Assistance maintaining specialized maintenance and support;
  • Elimination of the processes of purchases, extinction of stock;
  • Proactive operation for consumables delivery and field service;
  • Specific and customized solutions for your business

Using MPS you can also reduce costs,because two-sided printing allows you to save on supplies, as you spend half as much paper as a standard print.The company also saves time, since an automatic two-sided printing prints two-sided directly, so you do not have to wait for one side to be printed to reload the paper and save space, reducing the amount of paper, and to take care of the environment.


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