Ultrarrapidas 3D Printers Are Fashion: Nexa3D Tries to Launch Its Own Model

A few weeks ago we talked about technology Carbon3D, which with its Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) promised 3D between 25 and 100 times higher print speeds the traditional models.

Now a company called Nexa3D wants to provide a 3D printer at those speeds, but unlike the previous this model makers claim that they integrate a “curing of self-lubricating underlayment” technology (LSPc) that makes use of a special lubricant the new layers, which are forming-stick to the structure that is built.

The creators of this printed claim that they have also simplified the process of printing thanks to a resin cartridge that is inserted in a simple way, without having to use coils of PLA or fill resin deposits. There is also a “cleaner” cartridge that handles remove if the retina that we want to use below is of another color.

The Nexa3D is already trying to get the funds needed to be mass-produced on Kickstarter. The price is not cheap, but right now it is promotional and therefore more interesting than normal. The base model costs 1,399 euro front of the 1,750 euros will cost when it reaches stores, and also included two cartridges of resin with a value of about $90. If you want a fast 3D printer, perhaps this is what you were looking for.