Twinkind Runs The Business of Print in 3D

Nor is it the first, and I am sure that it will not be the last company that ventures to create copies of us small scale, technology thus puts it into tray. Twinkind It is a German company that is dedicated to creating figures of our person using 3D printing.

The result is fantastic, as you can see in the pictures that illustrate the article, but from there to do a good business with our rigid back, there is a stretch. Dominique Marr, under the command of Twinkind, does not count too much on the growth of your company, but if boasts of waiting lists You denote the interest by consumers.

For starters, they have moved Hamburg to a far more capable facility in the District of Mitte, Berlin. Then they expanded the product offering which can create, and uploaded the price by 10% on the most demanded.

They are symptoms that things are going well, Although it could also be that they have received a large investment, which is also positive, and is not directly related to enter lot with figures. That do not know, but the reality is that we like and we appreciate their work.

Twinkind offers up to nine different sizes its figures – from 10 to 35 centimeters tall-, which move in a wide range of prices, ask us 190 EUR for the smallest, and go up to 990 euros for the largest.

Request a copy is cheaper, not so much cosmetic surgery

Taking into account that the creation of figures through a computerized system, save copies of a person it is possible, to be able to reprint in the future. What are already offering from Twinkind. Curiously the price in this way descends to the 49 euros for the smallest part.

Rizando curl, and getting into an area that already has little to do with play us, it is possible to request that they make a”cosmetic surgery”, changing elements of our physiognomy in figures. It also has a price, which moves 70 to 195 euros, depending on what we ask.

Marr understands that the evolution of technology will make work easier, also will lower it, and will take you to touch another type of reproductions. Already they are asking them things as a collection of birds and other pets, something which are open, but logically out of tarifa.

The grace of Twinkind is in the system of scanning people, objects, or animals. Therein lies one of the strong points, which also implies that we have to go to the establishment is where the scanner, and therefore loses much of the market, while they will not expand its network.

On the news, this week we have had opportunity to see how the guys at Infinity Blade offered printed figures of the characters. They do so at a lower price, and also with the possibility of personalization.

What we see in the pictures are copies made with your printing system, without forgetting us of the hands of their artists, but part of its promotional material, so they have chosen best to seduce us to have a copy, but also they seem very attractive, do you think?

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