Titanium Frames for Printed Bike in 3D, All Claims

The fans at the traditional or mountain biking It has permeated deep into these sports relate to technology. We have already seen futuristic concepts such as Levitation, airbags to protect us fall and even sugar to turn any normal bicycle into an electric bicycle.

Now, however, are the 3D printers that want to contribute to the development of cycling. Renishaw, a company specialized in manufacturing processes, has teamed up with the bicycle manufacturer Empire Cycles to develop the mountain bike Evo MX-6, which has a printed one piece titanium box in 3D.
The manufacturing process was complex and was carried out with a special machine with a powerful laser that was manufacturing the layers based on titanium alloy powder Once overlapping were forming the different parts of the picture.

The result It is a picture of a 1.4 kg weighing 33% less than aluminum model Empire Cycles makers already had a bike identical but made with this material. Also the resistance of this box is six times greater than what sets the standard in 14766 for these mountain bikes.

This type of process abaratarían manufacturing of these pictures because is not wasted material, and also all kinds of designs of pictures can be built with a single machine as used by Renishaw.