This Printed Gun 3D Has Been Seized at an Airport in USA

The arrival of 3D printing has meant a series of improvements in various sectors around the world, where they have reduced manufacturing costs and waiting times; but we are not always in good news, as 3D printing also serves for manufacture firearms, What makes that any person may have a weapon at its disposal.

The weekend Duarte, the Safety Administration in the transportation (TSA) for the first time confiscated a gun printed in 3D. This happened in Reno in Nevada, United States, airport during a routine inspection at one of the points of safety, where ammunition in the luggage of one of the passengers was detected.

The first printed gun 3D confiscated in the country

All airports in the world has metal detectors, what makes a gun printed in 3D with materials such as plastic and resin very difficult to detect, In addition to that many of these weapons can be separated into several parts so that they are not detected by x-rays, and thus live in hand luggage.

The TSA reported that the gun was not detected in security checks, they came to it after discovering ammunition in the luggage, which is designed to be used in the gun. According to experts in 3D printing, the design of this pistol does not match any currently available online print files, so it is believed that the passenger made it from scratch.

5 Aug 2016 (s) 7:26 PDT

Contrary to what many might think, are daily confiscated firearms at United States airports, TSA details that, during the period from July 29 to August 4, they seized 68 weapons, of which 60 of them were charged. So far it is unknown the identity of the passenger and the details, which we don’t believe to be made public since it’s safety protocols at airports, which are more stringent since the attack of September 11 and rarely come to light.

The most worrying part is that the TSA is being clearly surpassed by 3D printing, Since few days ago we saw as crackeaban your skeleton keys so that any people them could print and thus access to padlocks and locks ‘TSA-certified’, and now printed firearms in 3D began to appear in the security controls, where there are no tools that can detect them.