This Pizza 3D Printer Wants to Give Food to Astronauts on NASA… and Also Ti

NASA still wants to its astronauts are capable of pizza in space, and it is possible that they may soon do so. When four years ago she began to invest in 3D printing companies to create precisely this kind of food, that seed that you planted now was born a project capable of printing pizzas in less than five minutes.

It’s the startup BeeHex, that has developed the printer of food Chef3D able to create 12-inch pizzas, about 30 centimeters and a half in just four minutes. All you need is a series of cartridges with basic ingredients as pasta, tomato sauce and cheese, as well as different types of toppings and sauces.

This company in fact already not comply with take their pizza printers to space. They are currently showing your project to the general public in culinary fairs with the intention to launch your first business model and that we all can print our own pizzas at home.

Born of an investment of NASA

In 2012, NASA began to think in What would eat their astronauts When came time to launch missions in several years as the go to Mars, above all so that they were not as boring as the classic bars of food or dried foods. Then it occurred to them that perhaps the future was in dishes 3D printing.

The idea was the following, can carry ingredients dried cartridges, and that there is a platform that could print pizzas from them. And for what pizzas? Maybe because its creation involved the superimposition of ingredients, that is precisely what can be done very easily with this type of technology.

And it is here where a key person, the engineer and entrepreneur American Anjan Contractor, It leads from the end of the last decade trying to develop food printers. When he worked as engineer senior and project manager in the Enterprise Systems and Materials Research Corporation, this got four years ago a financial support of $125,000 by NASA.

In January 2016 Anjan Contractor co-founded the company BeeHex Inc intending to go a step further and begin to develop commercial food printers. The Chef3D is the prototype of its first 3D printer, and they are bringing it to several American culinary festivals with very good results. In fact, have recently closed a seminal’s $ 1 million funding round led by the founder of Donatos Pizza Jim Grote to develop your idea.

Printed food gets to your home

BeeHex Inc aims to launch your printer at the end of the year, helping a group of pilot customers within the food industry for prove the effectiveness of its technology. His final mission will be the provide solutions to fast food chains specialising in pizzas such as Domino’s or Pizza Hut.

Therefore, printers of pizzas they could not only be present in future space missions, but we ourselves also can test their creations and even asking for them at home. In fact, as an example that this is not a science fiction story, it should be recalled that last year already a restaurant serving only printed opened in London.