This Mini-Circular Saw Comes from the 3D Printer

The New Zealander Lance Abernethy uses the Ultimaker 2 3D printer to produce a drill and a mini-format saw.

Despite the small size, both devices operate at your fingertips: how far the technology of 3D printers has already come, shows . Abernethy impressively with the tools What at first sight looks just like a too small geratenes toys for children, turns out at second glance as fully functional Model. While Abernethy produced the housing of the tools according to their own models in the 3D printer, only permit a battery out of a hearing aid and a mini-motor functionality of the saw and the drill.
While the current version of the circular saw looks already impressive, it is with it so far Not possible to actually saw through materials. In the future, this should, however, be the case and the saw can cut up small pieces of wood for a revision.
In the long term plans Abernethy the templates for miniature tools on the internet for sale. The other tools currently being used by the New Zealanders are not yet known. The circular saw and the drill are so small that they even fit onto the fingertip of an adult. The printing time of the circular saw was according Abernethy less than 30 minutes.
In the linked video Abernethy presents its miniature tools. In order to show the devices well, the New Zealander must use a magnifying glass.