This Is The First Printed in 3D Fully Functional: The Christoph Laimer Tourbillon

3D printers give us surprises with its versatility again, and this time we get the creation of Christoph Laimer, which has been the first to produce all the elements of a functional watch Thanks to a 3D printer.

Laimer has published the information so anyone can play its singular success, and the result is a clock – although not exactly bracelet – making use of a tourbillon mechanism and that is functional but with a limitation: life only gets 30 minutes.

A new “miracle” of the 3D printers

The idea of trying to manufacture a clock with 3D printers is not new, but this user has been the first to ensure that all the elements are printed in 3D, making use of plastics that are traditionally used in these devices. This material makes everything more difficult and certainly not the most precise in the world clock, since friction is a crucial aspect in this section.

Is not the first Laimer development in this sense: already created a wall which was also functional, but in this case watch the achievement is even more important because there was some non-print items in 3D.

On Hodinkee interview the creator of a project that demonstrates that the 3D printers they not only serve to create inanimate objects. This electrical engineer there explained how is surprising for example of resulting materials (PLA for all components, single PETG for housing) had become valid for its functional design.