This Is The 3D Printing Technology That Would Want to Have at Home

The 3D printing He arrived at our House a couple of years ago as a promising technology that was prepared to revolutionize the way that I would create small objects and spare parts in our home.

However, for many of which we have seen one of these machines in operation, the results are still somewhat disappointing, not only for print speeds, but for the obtained finishes.

Stratasys just officially presented its latest model of 3D printer, J750, intended for a semi-professional or professional audience who earns life doing models and prototypes, but that leaves us an interesting new technology that would like to see in domestic printers and that will probably come in a few years.

Polyjet, equivalent to ink-jet but in 3D

It is of Polyjet, which might be called the equivalent to inkjet printers but in the 3D world. Through a few small drops of polymer of photosensitive resin you are creating the different layers of the object on the tray and dry illuminating them after each pass.

The interesting thing is that, as is the case with the printers ink cartridges, it is possible to use different types of resin and 5 different colors to get a gradient with 360,000 tones and 600×1.800 dpi resolution.

But in addition, the most curious is that resins may be used with different degrees of hardness on the same object, and can thus have parts with hard parts, soft, rigid, flexible and even transparent and opaque in the same run.

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When will we see this technology at home? By the time the new printer from Stratasys will be shown this week at the Annual Manufacturing User Group Conference in St. Louis at a price yet to be determined, but if successful would not be surprising that the Polyjet system (or equivalent) arrived to the general public in a few years.