This Is The 3D Printer That We Were Waiting for: a Printer’s Ice Cream

Ice cream, food in the majority of cases not very healthy but perfect for summer. Who don’t feel rich and cold ice cream on a summer afternoon? But non-Cone, or industrial manufacturing. An ice cream “printed” with a 3D printer is possible, If you’re in Massachusetts and be a colleague of one of three MIT students who have created the invention.

No, it is not a joke: Kyle, Kristine and David have reoriented a Solidoodle 3D printer to give form to ice cream. It’s a project for a course in which three students have worked for spring, resulting in the final and functional product which, for now, they do not plan to put it on the market.

The invention is something more complex than what a priori may seem. It is not only replace plastics typically used as malleable elements in a 3D printer for ice cream. The main issue is keep ice cream cold and solid state, to which “printed” parts inside a freezer and sprayed the results with liquid nitrogen so they setting compounds instantly. The following videos shows a test to create a star-shaped ice cream:

As you can see they have implemented several artisanal modifications to reach the ice cream printer. The results are not – for now – very accurate, and it is that without a doubt the basis of ice cream is very different from materials commonly used in these machines. Fortunately it does not be a prototype, and we hope that they can improve it for the future.