This Costume Naked Tea at The Pace as You Use Social Networks

The privacy It has become a very hot topic nowadays technology: what we share, with who we do it… Often expose us too, sometimes on a voluntary basis in social networks, others on the other hand ignoring the conditions of service of certain applications and tools.

To show that loss of privacy designers Xuedi Chen and Pedro Oliveira G.C have built x.pose. A corset created with printer connected to the smartphone 3D records our accounts and services to find out how much information we share and on that basis the garment made more or less transparent.

The lack of privacy that us nude

The gaps remaining between the corset pieces are covered by a transparent plastic panels that light up or turn off in real time According to the information that we are sharing our Smartphone. We could consider it a wearable, because it really is, but is rather an experiment to discuss privacy.

As a curiosity say that the device itself works with an Arduino board in the garment and a connector bluetooth which is responsible for making the connection between mobile and corset. It is curious as artistic experience and continues to be a curious metaphor on our privacy in the digital world.

Speaking of privacy, it is worth take a look at an article published some time my colleague Guillermo Julian on this topic and some myths such as the famous “don’t have to hide”.