This Building of Five Plants as You Design, Print It in 3D and Takes It You to Set Where You Want

While in Amsterdam are limit within three years to carry out a project of printed House in 3D, in China they have a couple of them finished. These construction projects are ready to print and be mounted beyond where you want the customer.

The responsible company is the china WinSun, a few months ago managed to print 10 houses in 24 hours. His new work is still more surprising: a 5-storey building built with a kind of mortar and glass from recycled material and remains of crushed building material, which had previously been printed in three dimensions on the premises of the company.

The only thing that must be mounted in a different way is the Foundation. On that basis it will then by placing large printed pieces and even part of the interior furniture. An example is the area of the walls, which is created on a computer so that it is a hollow structure where to incorporate simple insulation, and shaped curved to give added strength. In addition, where the law determined internal metal structures are incorporated.

This method of construction is, in addition to more rapid (between 50 and 70% than traditional construction), quite advantageous in terms of use of materials. According to the creator of the company, Ma Yihe, You can save material in a percentage that goes from 30 to 60%, as well as the workmanship, which can achieve a reduction of up to 80% of depending on the type of construction that you want to perform.

For now this five-storey building and a large mansion have been the most important works of the company, but on the horizon is the power charge using your technique, design, printing and retrofitting, of larger constructions such as bridges or even skyscrapers.