This Amazing Project Te Allows You to Build a Home Recycling Plant

Tonnes and tons of plastic they are collected around the world every day with the object of recycling and to be used for all kinds of applications, but although we can already contribute our grain of sand a group of entrepreneurs has gone beyond.

Makers of Precious Plastic they have several years working in an Open Source project that allows you to build a homemade plastic recycling plant. A series of machines that we can easily get will allow reuse plastic which we shoot for, for example, use filament for 3D printers.

The possibilities are endless

The idea developers have already develop machines that allow you to perform all the processing of plastic, share plans for anyone to reproduce this process wherever, and provide any additional information – for example, with this series of videos-which allows you to perform this type of process start.

On different videos and tutorials is possible to build a crusher, a molding machine compression, another injection and a machine that allows get plastic filament for 3D printers. Although some components are more delicate, the majority could be obtained in a junkyard to then be recycled – recycling from recycled components, fantastic – and the idea is to grow in terms of possible machines that will assist in this process.

The impact of this project could be huge not only in developed countries, but in emerging countries that precisely thanks to this idea it could process much of the plastics that there is more difficult to manage. The project managers ensure that “decentralized recycling can create markets that large-scale manufacturing may not cover, especially in developing countries”. A project really prodigious, of course.