They Propose a Printer System 3D to Build Our Smart Houses in Less Than a Day

Sure many of you know or have heard of 3D printers. They are those that allow play small objects, many of them are downloadable from the Internet, by means of the superimposition of thin layers of plastic materials or synthetic resins.

It is a technology with a great future in the domestic and professional sector but, and if did it to the next level?, and if possible use the same principles of operation for the? construction of homes and buildings in actual size?

This is just what proposes a professor at the University of California, that advocates new automated systems that allow build homes quickly, cheap and fully personalized in a few hours or days.

The process would be similar to the creation of small objects in 3D, with the proviso that before it would be necessary to install the machine in the solar and of course, employed impression compound It would not be plastic but a special concrete.

To give you a better idea of how would run this system, we leave you with the video below, where after a presentation we can see from the minute 4: 30 computer-simulated construction process:

As we can see, while they are “ printing ” partitions, can automate the process of installing cables and pipes, all at the same time. And given the peculiar mode of construction computerised, the customer can Customize with a few mouse clicks you want to distribute the spaces and forms of its housing (e.g. with curved walls), so that it is completely original and different to that of their neighbours. What you think about the idea?