These Printed Teeth in 3D Are Charged 99% of Bacteria

Applications of the in the health segment 3D printers They seem limitless, and we’ve already seen several case studies in such fields as prostheses of members. Now a group of researchers discovered another potential application in the field of dentistry.

A group of experts from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands have developed a method for print 3D teeth they are especially beneficial for dental operations. The new developed plastic resin makes use of antimicrobial sales that “burn” bacteria.

Resin, say these researchers, is capable of destroying 99% of bacteria, and they also have the advantage that do not cause any side effects in humans. When testing samples obtained with mixtures of saliva and streptococcus mutans – a common bacteria in our mouths–found that this material could have a sterilizer effect.

The system is now in prototype stage and they have yet to evaluate If this resin is hard enough How to act as teeth of truth in these operations as well as additional tests, but their progress is promising. In fact, they say, applications could be expanded and be also valid for different types of prosthesis.