The Vouchers for Selfies in 3D Are Raffled

Who has won the six vouchers for Mini-Ichs from the 3D printer is now fixed. Make sure you’re there!

The penitent holidays are over, we are all back in the country. High time to decide the winning game “Mini-I”. The coupons for a 3D figure of Service My3D and You Little are raffled. 259 readers have participated. Of these, 32 participants have actually sent pictures of themselves, the pet or child. Only they fulfilled the conditions of participation and therefore could participate in the raffle. See the picture gallery, which photos have won and whether your picture is included. The vouchers are sent to the winners by mail. Congratulations and thank you for the participation! 

You always wanted a small figure of yourself, the child or the pet? Now is the opportunity! PC World is giving away six vouchers for Shapies the service My3D and You Little with branches in Hamburg, Munich and Würzburg. How can you participate? Take a picture of yourself, of the person or the animal and send it to us. The photo should show exactly the pose and clothes that the figure should have later. Pay attention to our guide “The result is a Shapie”.
We talk about what to consider when 3D whole body scanner, which clothing is advisable and what you should avoid at all costs. We will raffle the vouchers among the entries we have received.

The closing date for submission is 15 May 2015 at midnight.

We have received numerous submissions. Thank you so much! Your favorites include pets. But also activities are in. Here, the outfit sets the recognition mark. If you want to join, you must hurry. On Friday at 23:59 clock ends the participation. For inspiration, simply click on the picture gallery!

Eligibility: Participate to all readers of PC World, provided that they give us the right to the publication of the photos and if they win the final figure. In the case of minors, permission must be obtained from the educationally entitled persons to participate and publish. In addition, you agree to the terms of participation.

The service providers My3D and You Little have branches in Hamburg, Munich and Würzburg. Please select the city in which you want to make the figure. The winner of the prize is the winner of the competition. The size of the figure is defined by the service provider. The voucher can not be converted into cash.

Fill out your address data and agree to the terms of participation. Then press “Send”. Have you done everything right, you get right after an email from us and the message appears in place of the form: ” . Your registration was successful” including mail address , to which you can send your photo.

The legal process is excluded. IDG employees and their dependents are not allowed to participate. Technical changes are reserved. In addition, the provisions applicable to donations apply §§521 to §§524 BGB (German Civil Code).

Disclaimer: Claims against IDG Tech Media GmbH due to property and legal deficiencies in the profits are excluded.

We wish good luck!