The Printer Market Declined in the Second Quarter

Printer sales declined annually by 8.4% in the second quarter of 2012 with 26.5 million units sold worldwide. Going against the wireless models were up 5%.

The latest figures IDC reported that 26.5 million printers were shipped worldwide in the April to July 2012. A decline in performance of 8.4% compared to the same period in 2011, but that does not reflect sales all types of printers.Indeed, wireless models were up 5% to 9.1 million units.

At the lowest since the third quarter of 2009, inkjet printers have lost 12.7% in the last 3 months, while the Wireless versions were up 3.5%. All models, the inkjet technology represents 60% of the sector, with 20 million units sold during the period.

Laser printers occupy 36% of the market, representing annual growth of 0.8% to 9.5 million units in the second quarter. In this sector, they also benefit from the craze for wireless versions which increased 19.5% compared to the second quarter 2011. The study points out that color printers occupy 16% of the market while the monochrome 84%.

The development of wireless printers is expected to continue over the next three years according to Phuong Hang, author of the study. Concerning professionals, the analyst expects that wireless printers are “first adopted by small and medium enterprises, while the largest companies rely instead on their extensive networks to print wirelessly”.

With Nearly 40% market share, HP leads the industry and has passed 10.5 million printers in 3 months. This is followed by Canon with 5.6 million units, taking 21.4% market share. Epson is second with 3.5 million printers sold for 13.2% market share. Brother is fourth and delivered 1.7 million appliances (6.5%) and Samsung fifth, with 1.3 million units (5.1%).

If Canon has improved its sales by 0.5% Brother of 6.5%, all other manufacturers have underperformed. HP has particularly lost 12.7% of its sales, Samsung and some 22%. Figures not yet offset by the good performance of the wireless market.