The Music Is Also Printed in 3D (And You Can Listen to It)

One of the criticisms most often heard about the 3D printing is its lack of utility. We can print a lot of objects but in the end the feeling get is that unless very specific cases is not the most useful tool. You that Yes, you can that not, time will tell it but the maker culture does not surrender.

Amanda Ghassaei, a user of the Instructables community has presented a very interesting project where has used a 3D printer to create discs of plastics, with a performance identical to the vinyl, to listen to digital music in analog format. At the moment it has some limitations but it already allows to reproduce it.

The digital analogue 3D

These 3D disks are very similar to a vinyl: you create a Groove in the surface and a turntable needle will be following her to play the song in question. The quality, that Yes, it still leaves a little to be desired: 33 revolutions per minute, 11 kHz sampling (normal is four times that amount) and 5 or 6-bit resolution instead of the typical 16-bit.

As you can see in the video the songs are perfectly recognized but it is not the quality that we would normally find on a vinyl. It is a matter of time to improve the results but we must recognize that what has presented Amanda so far already leaves is not a mere anecdote.

Of course, any printer has not been used. Get to make as fine grooves requires a model with high resolution. Reason for which its creator has chosen by the objet Connex500 with a resolution of 600 dpi and 16 microns of thickness. The process, that is, the same.

Sets the base, material is deposited to create grooves. I.e., instead of scratching the surface to create them put plastic and tracks in negative are made. A very curious project that we will see if with time, and the evolution of printers, it manages to get best results.