The Little Sister of The Replicator Makerbot Is Already Reaching Its First Owners

Makerbot better known at the time of manufacture 3D printers has become the brand. It is not the only one, but if that had more media recognition. Their models include the Mini Replicator. Announced in January, the U.S. company already is beginning to send the first units.

In addition to small is cheaper since it has been on sale for 1,375 dollars. One of the cheaper options that exist today in the market, although companies like XYZPrinting want to significantly lower that bar. Taking into account that the new version of the elder sister leave for 6,500 dollars Yes, we can say that it is not expensive.

To the general public

Makerbot is focusing on this printer the user of a foot. Not only to those who want to be pioneers and experiment with it. A very laudable intention and that it is in the line of the efforts being made by other manufacturers of this type of gadgets. Now, will they find it useful?

Whenever I’ve talked to people close to this world tell me that everyday objects that will be useful you can print. No end of believe me it. That Yes, for all DIY, collectors of figurines culture fans and any curious mind can take much advantage.