The Laser Printer Does Not Enter Standby Mode

You do not want the printer to turn off automatically after a while? You can do this.

You have your laser printer via USB connected to the computer. He also prints well. However, whenever you do not print a timeout and then submit a print job, the printer does not respond. You must then always switch it on by pressing the pushbutton so that you can print. This is not an error, but an intended behavior. . To save power, laser printers off after a certain time completely off when they are not used 

Before the printer logs off completely, it goes into sleep mode, then possibly in a sleep mode – all to reduce power consumption. From the two saving modes, the printer should but wake up easily when he gets send a print job via USB.

If you annoying switching, you can turn off the automatic shutdown of the printer – the power consumption is then however higher: Current laser printers draw in sleep mode for a few Watt from the power supply, color lasers allow for example between 1 to 2 watts, while laser multifunction devices come to 3 to 7 watts at rest. When switched off, almost all printers reduce the energy consumption to less than 1 Watt.

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To disable the Auto-off: The function can be found in the printer driver. Given access the printer properties: Under Windows you get there via the “System Settings -> Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers” and right-click on the printer icon. If you find the function for the power saving modes, then it differs depending on the manufacturer and the printer model. When an HP Deskjet as it goes through the “Maintenance” tab, then ” HP Deskjet Toolbox -> Configuration”. There you uncheck the option “Enable automatic hardware shutdown.”

If you connect a Kyocera printer via USB to a computer, the power saving function of sleep mode should be switched to fast rescue. Otherwise, the USB port on the printer is also turned off, and the printer goes offline. In this case the printer has to be restarted so that it is back online and accepts print jobs.

By the way: If you have attached your printer via Wi-Fi to the home network, automatic shutdown is always disabled. In this case, the printer responds to every print job that it receives via the wireless network.