The Car of James Bond (Almost) You Can Do It Yourself: Image of The Week

In the last film of James Bond, Skyfall (by the way, highly recommended), it makes a spectacular appearance – and here I can read – the classic Aston Martin DB5, which if you have not wanted to drive ever is not running blood through your veins.

In some scene, the vehicle in question suffers the wrath of the bad guy, and as everyone imagined, was not the authentic Aston Martin but a scale replica. As well, this perfect 1:3 scale model did not come off from the hands of an artist or architect but oneĀ 3D printer.

The Voxeljet company was responsible for recreating this mythical vehicle of sexy spies, and did manufacturing with its largest 3D printer 18 parts that were then assembled as if real mounting of a drive chain. It came out so perfect that they have been ourĀ image of the week in Engadget.