The Best Websites for 3D Templates

Many printable 3D templates already exist. To find you is the art. On these platforms on the Internet you will find.

If you have purchased a 3D printer, you want to print immediately and do not need to create a template in the CAD program. You only have to convert them to a printable version and you can only print them to the printer. You can save all these steps by downloading a printable motif from the Internet. In the tip you will find the best websites presented with 3D templates and their special areas.

Our site: The most well-known Internet database for 3D templates. It is the US appliance manufacturer MakerBot entertain and is now around 9000 templates include. Everybody is called to upload their STL file. The subject areas are not restricted. Thus, game figures can be found just like jewelry or technical devices. The templates have been approved by the authors and can be printed free of charge and changed for non-commercial purposes. It is also expressly allowed to modify the downloaded file, and then release it as a new template.

Our site: The website sees itself as a marketplace for 3D templates. There are free and paid files presented equally entitled. The makers assure that they have checked every template for their printing properties. If a motif costs, the author of the creation has fixed the price. To download templates, you must register and become a member of the community. The motif selection includes lampshades as well as cat toys or mobile phone holders.

Our site: If you want to download this template, you can not get around registration. The database is only for free trial, afterwards you can choose from several packages. For example, 12 designs cost ten dollars, 40 files come at 25 dollars. You do not have to worry about time restrictions. The selection catalog comprises 40 themes, which are divided into categories such as childhood, fashion or outdoor.

Our site: The template database is part of the design program SketchUp that of Google is developed and maintained by Trimble. With the free software version Sketchup Make can be created three-dimensional. 3D Warehouse delivers ready-made templates. However, they are not yet prepared for 3D printing. However, you can convert it to an add-on in the program.

Our site: In contrast to the name of the website, there are not only paid templates, but also many free variants. However, they are not all printable. The focus of the printable files is on jewelery. Often the printing process, such as sterolography, is also given. A total of 250,000 three-dimensional templates are to be listed. You do not have to log on for a file download.

Our site: The website is a platform for 3D and visual content and is aimed primarily at game developers and VR fans. The stated goal: to become a kind of Youtube for 3D content. On the website, you will find game figures and environments of all kinds. The printable variants are listed under “Printable”. In the preview, they can be viewed from all sides. Registration is not required before downloading.

Our site: The search engine is optimized for finding of printable 3D models. Think of it like your ” Google ” for 3D templates and searches the aforementioned platforms and other sites on the web for 3D templates. In the index, around 800,000 printable 3D models are listed at the time of research. Found templates can be kept in a list. The top-of-the-page items are listed on the Home screen. Many of them deal with housings and brackets for the Raspberry Pie. It can be concluded that the search engine is a mecca for makers.